ReadyOp: A Vanguard of Crisis Communication

ReadyOp: A Vanguard of Crisis Communication

Marc Moore, Founder & CEO, ReadyOp Marc Moore, Founder & CEO
When Hurricane Michael hurled its fury at Florida, the Florida Department of Public Health (FDPH) had only a few days warning to prepare for the Category 5 hurricane, the most powerful rating for such a storm. Questions raced through their minds. “How will we handle the thousands of phone calls asking for rescue or assistance? What about callers trying to locate family members and loved ones? How will patients be tracked? How will their medical needs get reported? And, how will the shelter support be coordinated?”

Fortunately for Florida, the FDOH had adopted ReadyOp a few months earlier as their planning and response platform. They knew that major events like Michael required swift and coordinated response among the many organizations. No one knows the date, the type, or severity of events, but all should prepare, train and be ready. The region’s leaders should have the best tools available for planning, coordinating, communicating, and directing as needed in a response. ReadyOp would not only meet, but exceed, their expectations.

Because ReadyOp is easy to learn and use, the FDPH sprang into action. In preparation for the hurricane’s landfall, ReadyOp forms, visual displays, call groups, links to weather updates, maps, and situation reports were quickly designed on the ReadyOp dashboard. One of the unique features of ReadyOp is that custom forms can be created and then shared electronically as needed. Information on support teams from Florida and other states was also entered in ReadyOp so the teams could be tracked, communicated with, and coordinated.

ReadyOp’s unique database structure provides users access to the same real-time information, which gives immediate situational awareness at all times

One of the forms the FDPH developed in ReadyOp for the pending storm would be used for the public to report requests for medical assistance, stranded people, medical supplies, and help in locating missing folks. A link to the form was shared through the National Guard, the Weather Channel, and then via social media. In the first 72 hours following Hurricane Michael’s landfall, more than 6500 forms were submitted by the public. As the forms were received, the FDPH and others expeditiously directed and coordinated the necessary response actions with ReadyOp.

The founder and CEO of ReadyOp is Marc Moore, an experienced business leader and former US Air Force fighter pilot. Marc used his experience as a fighter pilot and input from first responders, hospitals, and government agencies across the country to develop ReadyOp. “Our focus is to provide the very best tools and support for our clients. Patient tracking, asset management, and radio interoperability are just a few of the needed features we learned while working with our clients. We have now developed and included these, and other capabilities into ReadyOp. We stand out, in that we have also added the capability to interface with other industry programs such as ESRI and WebEOC.”

Today ReadyOp is used nationwide and internationally. ReadyOp’s unique database structure provides users access to the same real-time information, which gives immediate situational awareness at all times. Beginning from NASA and the FDA to many other state agencies like local law enforcement, fire, schools, and hospitals nationwide, ReadyOp has become the operational and response platform of choice.

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Marc Moore, Founder & CEO

"An innovative tool for efficiently and effectively planning, managing, communicating, and directing communication during a crisis". Quickly deliver critical information to users via Alerts, SMS, MMS, E-mail, Phone Calls, Conferences and Land Mobile Radio systems, increasing engagement and decreasing response times. Easily locate, assign tasks and communicate with individuals and groups in a single agency or multiple organizations