Tassta: An Efficient Communication Ecosystem for Rapid Emergency Response

Tassta: An Efficient Communication Ecosystem for Rapid Emergency Response

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Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, CEO, TasstaKaveh Hosseinzadeh, CEO Emergencies don’t come knocking on the door; they catch people off guard, causing damage beyond control. In such scenarios, situational awareness and a reliable communication channel prove instrumental to reduce the cost to a great extent. Germany-based company, TASSTA understands the critical need for such a solution and brings a strong product portfolio, which allows to quickly access information sent by people facing an emergency, with the use of technology. “We can raise the chances of saving lives in critical circumstances, creating complete awareness about the users’ environment,” says Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, CEO of TASSTA.

Proactive communication infrastructure is essential for an individual to send emergency notifications in time and for others to track those in need of immediate help. Hence, TASSTA offers a variety of solutions to create a productive communication ecosystem, including T.LION, T.FLEX, T.BROTHER, T.RODON, T.RECORDER, T. BRIDGE, and T.COMMANDER.

T.LION, with a cloud and standalone server, remains the heart and brain of TASSTA’s application. It assures immense scalability and provides software as a service (SaaS) or a standalone installation. The company also has an intelligent server called T.BROTHER, which has been designed to apply standby redundancy to T.LION.

We can raise the chances of saving lives in critical circumstances, creating complete awareness about the users’ environment

To enable round the clock push-to-talk operation, messaging, and GPS location management even on slow data networks, TASSTA offers T.FLEX. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, the solution runs alongside other business applications and provides the maximum operational capability and a modern user interface, ensuring utmost convenience to users.

TASSTA manages and controls the overall server resources using its web-based application, T.COMMANDER, which acts as a single tool for the administrators to manage the communication infrastructure in a single interface. Another critical offering, T.BRIDGE serves as the gateway or the bridge to the radio system. Owing to its ability to manage multiple vendors, T.BRIDGE remains the most advanced gateway in the radio environment at present. Further, TASSTA’s T.RODON holds the capability to observe and watch everything around the users.

With such an extensive product portfolio, the company has been efficiently managing communications during critical events for years.

TASSTA has even made it possible to give instructions to the ones in danger, guiding them on how to come out and which way to go. “We enable the first responders to communicate with the teachers in the schools, the nurses in the hospital or the people in the churches a panic button if they need any help,” adds Mr. Hosseinzadeh.

TASSTA enables organizations to boost their emergency response and safety precaution processes significantly. A conspicuous alarm button on TASSTA’s application empowers any employee to raise the alarm in case of any untoward incident. It creates real-time and complete situational awareness of the device’s environment through T.RECORDER. Along with the GPS location of the invention, the solution helps to access the camera and microphone to help an organization accumulate real-time information about any emergency. Also, the solution provides accurate data up to five meters of that device through indoor localization and different Maptools by using the device’s Bluetooth and WI-FI.

A variety of companies across agriculture, real estate, logistics, healthcare, and other industries have been benefitting using TASSTA’s communication solutions to minimize damage in crises. “When it comes to emergency management, we are always listening, which helps us respond to any adverse scenario rapidly,” says Hosseinzadeh. Over the years, the company has established a global presence, catering to varied needs of its clientele. TASSTA is now working to improve its task management environment. TASSTA seeks to be certified by FirstNet to sharpen its prowess in the U.S.

- Aaron Pierce
    December 11, 2019
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Hannover, Germany

Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, CEO

The Germany-based company TASSTA offers a strong product portfolio that provides situational awareness and a reliable communication channel for organizations during emergencies. The products of TASSTA include T.LION, T.FLEX, T.BROTHER, T.RODON, T.RECORDER, T. BRIDGE, and T.COMMANDER to help develop a Proactive communication infrastructure. T.LION, with a cloud and standalone server, remains as the heart and brain of TASSTA’s application. It assures immense scalability and provides software as a service (SaaS) or a standalone installation. With its innovative solutions, TAASTA enables organizations to accumulate real-time information about any emergency and helps to gain complete situational awareness

Tassta News

PrioCom and TASSTA Enter into Partnership in Mission-Critical Communication

Rotterdam: During the TCCA event Critical Communications World 2019 in Kuala Lumpur (18-20 June 2019), Angelo Bul, General Manager of PrioCom, announced the strategic partnership between PrioCom and TASSTA. This partnership is completed with the Push-to-Talk device partners Sonim and Telo Systems and network connectivity partner T-Mobile. This guarantees an end-to-end ecosystem for mission-critical communication based on industry standards via 4G / 5G. The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) endorses the opportunities for mission-critical users in this new collaboration.

TASSTA offers an innovative mission-critical Push-to-Talk (hereafter MC PTT) end-to-end solution. This solution also offers increased safety with the loneworker application. In combination with a fully-fledged control room dispatcher application and a universal gateway to a wide range of radio network systems, TASSTA meets all requirements in the field of critical communication, business process optimization and security, essential for mission-critical Push-to-Talk.

Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, managing director TASSTA: “Our Push-to-Talk platform is the most innovative and competitive solution in the market. We guarantee that we will continue to develop our critical communication platform in accordance with industry standards (3GPP) and that we will always be at the forefront of the market with new functionalities. ”

By jointly approaching the market, this strategic partnership offers users in specific sectors such as security, transport, industry, energy, construction, events and public order and safety a unique mission-critical and secure Push-to-Talk solution via 4G / 5G networks.

Full commitment from all strategic ecosystem partners of PrioCom

“As a Secure MVNO on the T-Mobile network, PrioCom offers priority to voice and data communication and, together with TASSTA (https://www.tassta.com/), sets it as an application partner and our strategic partners; T-Mobile (https://www.t-mobile.nl/), Sonim (https://www.sonimtech.com/) and Telo Systems (http://www.telosystems.com/) a future-proof critical communication solution with national coverage and a high Quality of Service in the market. This complies with the MC PTT 3GPP industry standard, "said Angelo Bul, General Manager of PrioCom.

Harald Ludwig, chairman of TCCA's Technical Forum, adds: “TCCA is a global organization promoting the use of standard solutions for mission-critical communication. We are pleased to see that PrioCom as a TCCA member and strategic partners play a pioneering role in delivering mission-critical communication in Europe, not only aimed at expansion for public order and security, but also at specific sectors. This is good news for users, because they really get full interoperability. PrioCom shows that mission-critical solutions can be delivered today and that companies can safely migrate from their current radio systems to standard MC PTT. ”


Push-to-talk (PTT) technology provider TASSTA joined TCCA, a global association for the critical communications industry. Headquartered in Hanover, Germany, TASSTA also has offices in Brazil, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States.

“With the ongoing strength of TETRA and the steady development of critical broadband solutions, we are pleased to welcome TASSTA to TCCA as a center of expertise in connecting users of both technologies, and look forward to learning from their experiences,” said TCCA Chief Executive Tony Gray.

TASSTA offers voice communications, emergency solutions, messaging and data transfers through a PTT solution that leverages the technical capabilities of consumer smartphones. The complete TASSTA solution comprises individual, group and priority calls, messaging including data transfer, voice recording, GPS and in-house tracking, alarm, emergency solutions and many other features. TASSTA technology is designed to enable users of TETRA or Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) networks to extend their coverage.

“TASSTA, as a critical communication provider, needs to be a member of TCCA,” said TASSTA CEO Kaveh Hosseinzadeh. “For us, it is important to be up to date about prominent events in the communications sector and not to miss innovative developments in the technology and smartphone world. We act worldwide so we have to stay informed and aligned with TCCA.