Valcom: Proactive Emergency Management

Valcom: Proactive Emergency Management

Dave McLaren, VP of Sales & Marketing, ValcomDave McLaren, VP of Sales & Marketing
A crisis can occur at any time—and without the proper avenue for notifying people at your organization or campus of dangerous situations or sudden business disruptions can put countless lives at risk. It is at these moments when communication needs to operate seamlessly through an efficient emergency mass notification system. Addressing the need for robust communications dealing with an emergency situation, Valcom—a 40-year old notification manufacturer—with a focus on the emergency mass notification space. Dave McLaren, Valcom’s VP of Sales & Marketing emphasizes on the criticality of providing emergency information to potentially affected people in the first few seconds of a disaster/ disruption. The ineffectiveness of many current organizations equipment he says, is one of the reasons behind the rising number of casualties in emergency situations. In such a scenario when seconds count, Valcom takes a proactive approach in notifying every individual in campuses and corporations during an emergency outbreak. In doing so, Valcom’s Mass Notification System offers—a single launch point for mass notification and alert notification needs that streamlines, simplifies, and reduces alerting times for saving the most important asset—their human capital.

Valcom’s EMS makes it uniquely easy to integrate existing disparate subsystems together to form one comprehensive mass notification system. Identifying the lack of interoperability between existing infrastructures as the most significant challenge in emergency mass notification space, Valcom currently supports integration with over 200 existing systems in the marketplace. With an aim to notify every individual susceptible to harm, the firm’s on-premise emergency mass notification system is capable of taking over and sending emergency messages to every IT asset within an institution’s network connection including computer screens, IP telephones, paging systems, digital signage, emergency help points, LED monitors, and personal mobile notifications. Valcom’s in-house manufactured hardware and software components allow the company to deliver its unique integration capabilities in the emergency mass notification space.

Valcom’s perfect hardware and software combination allows clients to seamlessly tackle any emergency situation

“Our perfect hardware and software combination allows clients to tackle any emergency situation seamlessly,” says McLaren.

Valcom’s Mass Notification System’s single interface software enables a fast deployment in every infrastructure with browser-based control, provisioning a cost-effective, secure, and scalable mass notification solution. The ability of single point activation of all subsystems reduces alert time in emergency situations. Besides, Valcom following a customer-centric approach, is always available to assist and train their clients on the best practices for mass notification in emergency situations. Facilitating the essential elements of a “best in class” mass notification system, Valcom manufactures emergency blue light phone towers, LED screens for the parking lots and loud ambient noise areas, along with all their other products so the customer never has to worry about “finger pointing” on who’s solution is not performing properly.

The success of the existing and future mass notification system market revolves around one aspect: integrations. This is where Valcom shines the most. Valcom’s goal is not to replace, but rather to listen to the customer’s needs and wants to deploy an emergency mass notification system that utilizes their existing infrastructure whenever possible. For the most efficient emergency notification, Valcom design-specific emergency solutions for every vertical; K-12, Healthcare, Higher Ed, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation & Energy.

The cornerstone of Valcom’s strategy rests in its prowess to develop a cohesive mass notification system that fills up the communication gap by employing state-of-the-art technologies. Since its inception in 1977, Valcom’s ascension to success can be contributed to its commitment to address feedback provided by their clients. By thoroughly understanding the needs of a client organization, Valcom incorporates enhancements on its existing product line using leading-edge technologies and integration, while continuing to invest in R&D. Gearing up for 2018, Valcom’s business plan includes cutting-edge innovations across the entire range of product lines—further simplifying safety for all.