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Top 10 Emergency Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

With new threats emerging each day, emergency management professionals in the public and private sectors look for innovative methods to fight against natural disasters or anthropogenic mishaps. Today’s emergency fighters are resorting to risk-based planning to improve emergency communication systems, gain access to better resources, and strengthen weak infrastructures. In addition, the massive adoption of machine learning tools is helping emergency control managers to predict any approaching calamity or detect disaster-prone zones better. Besides, to revamp the emergency management procedures and align themselves with tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z, disaster management agencies are recruiting technologically-aware individuals to help them reach the masses. Furthermore, the increased usage of social media helps emergency management professionals convey information to many people.

Keeping in mind such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Govt CIO Outlook in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers and consulting/services companies to help them navigate the emergency management realm. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 emergency management solution providers 2020 and the top 10 emergency management consulting/service companies 2020 to highlight the enterprises that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers and consulting/services companies are transforming the emergency management paradigm at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the disaster management sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Govt. CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Emergency Management Consulting/Service Companies 2020”

    Top Emergency Management Consulting/Service Companies

  • Dewberry is a leading, market-facing firm with a proven history of providing professional services to a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients. Recognized for combining unsurpassed commitment to client service with deep subject matter expertise, Dewberry is dedicated to solving clients'​ most complex challenges and transforming their communities. Established in 1956, Dewberry is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with more than 50 locations and 2,000+ professionals nationwide

  • The company deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments. With more than 1,000 environmental professionals, the company provide focused, integrated services to advance your project. The company team includes environmental planners and permitting experts, archaeologists, historians, biologists, ecological restoration specialists, wetland and stream ecologists, fisheries scientists, toxicologists, and marine species experts and scientists



    AECOM is the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, partnering with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come. On projects spanning transportation, buildings, water, energy and the environment, the company public- and private-sector clients trust us to solve their most complex challenges. The company teams are driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world through our unrivaled technical expertise and innovation, a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to environmental, social and governance priorities



    For the past 30 years, AFIMAC has provided full-service crisis response teams for governments and Fortune 500 companies experiencing emergencies of all types. AFIMAC is proud of their teams and partners in every community they serve to protect people and property both during times of crisis and regular business operations. With the industry's leading Senior Management team having unparalleled security expertise in its market, these professionals offer an assortment of pre-crisis contingency planning and premium security and emergency response solutions to government and businesses representing nearly every industry

  • Emergency Management Services International

    Emergency Management Services International

    EMSI is a premier all-hazards, full-service, multi-discipline incident management and emergency management services and solutions provider. Comprised of national and international all-risk, all-hazard response experts, EMSI’s seasoned cadre gives us a unique background and perspective in dealing with incident and responder needs at every level of government and industry, to include the international community. Since inception in 2000, EMSI has played a major role in helping government and industry clients alike, prepare, train, and respond to emergencies of any cause or size. EMSI has proven experience in helping various local, state, national, international, and private sector entities with their incident management and emergency management programs

  • HDR


    HDR is an employee-owned design firm specializing in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services. The company also proud to be ranked No. 35 on Forbes magazine’s list of America’s Best Large Employers for 2019. Led by the strength of our values and a culture shaped by employee ownership, we network with each other, build on each other’s contributions, and collaborate together to make great things possible

  • Jensen Hughes

    Jensen Hughes

    Since 1939, the company is at the leading edge of safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting, serving the most complex global project. In addition, the company pride on driving code and standard development and adoption throughout the world and across industries. The company planted roots with a commitment to earning your trust and protecting lives, property and reputation

  • JSC Systems

    JSC Systems

    One of the largest independent firms engaged in the technology of low voltage systems in the Southeast, we have been a preferred source for cost effective commercial system solutions for over four decades. Continuously evolving and developing custom designs, we offer the best systems in the United States. JSC Systems is the leading business solutions provider for life safety, security, sound, and communication systems in the Southeast. Trust the experts for design, installation, and service

  • Preparedness


    The company mission is to safeguard people, protect property, minimize business interruption, and protect reputations. The foundation of expertise is a sound understanding of hazards and impacts. Loss prevention, hazard mitigation, risk financing, emergency management, business continuity, and crisis management programs are all built on that foundation

  • VSE Corporation

    VSE Corporation

    VSE is a proven provider of customized solutions for sustaining our customers’ mission-critical platforms, including government and commercial vehicles, ships and aircraft. VSE is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: VSEC), ISO 9001 registered supply chain management and professional services company, comprising three main segments: Federal & Defense Services, Fleet Management Services and Aerospace Distribution & Repair