Top 10 Emergency Management Solution Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Emergency Management Solution Companies - 2018

Emergency management is easily one of the most overlooked aspects of urban planning traditionally. Despite no dearth of impeccable infrastructure planners, veteran architects and engineers, some of the world’s best cities and even enterprises have often been helpless and at the receiving end of the wrath of unforeseen calamities and natural catastrophes. Organizations and governmental agencies, in particular, have turned towards storage mechanisms such as cloud-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) as an emergency management measure to prevent data losses triggered by unfortunate turn of events. Additionally, implementation of effective asset tracking and fleet management solutions are quintessential for enterprises and governmental agencies to curb the possibilities of mishaps. Emergency management today is considered an important aspect of the risk management phase of a product or service development lifecycle by most organizations. Governmental agencies embracing sophistication and perceiving cutting-edge emergency management as the best way forward is a recent positive change.

Thus, enterprise bosses are seeking the assistance of leading consultants and technology solution providers to address their emergency management concerns to devise futuristic strategies to resist potential jolts. In the wake of the growing need of emergency management, our editorial board conducted a comprehensive research of organizations making waves for their unique, holistic solutions. As a result, this edition of our magazine is a compilation of “Top 10 Emergency Management Solution Providers - 2018.” These firms have garnered significant visibility globally for tailoring enterprise-specific emergency management solutions.

    Top Emergency Management Solution Companies

  • Provides critical event management and enterprise safety applications that automate and accelerate an organization’s operational response to critical events

  • Delivers actionable intelligence to facilitate situational awareness and mission success

  • Juvare fosters resilient communities by delivering technology solutions that help organizations plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies

  • Specializes in emergency backhaul links to fixed and mobile tower locations, data and telephone communications for public safety, private business, and infrastructure

  • Develops a proficient emergency notification and accountability application for emergency broadcasts

  • Apprio


    Provider of management consulting and specialized technology solutions, particularly for the Health, Defense and Homeland Security markets

  • Baron Services

    Baron Services

    Develops weather systems that aid in the detection and dissemination of weather information to customers in the broadcast, government, aviation, marine and automotive industries

  • Donesafe


    Provides a cloud-based safety platform that helps organizations comply with legislation and enhances their safety culture

  • MissionMode


    Delivers best-in-class crisis management solutions that help speed and simplify emergency notification and incident management

  • RecoveryPlanner


    Provides a framework for long-term lifecycle management of corporate business continuity, disaster recovery, operational risk, emergency management, automatic notifications, cyber security planning, vendor management and compliance